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Hogs and Kisses proudly offers their own Specially Formulated Mini Pig Food.

A Complete and balanced diet specific to mini pig nutritional needs  

Custom made for both good health, longevity, and disposition

You Are What You Eat!

All ingredients are NATURAL and NON-GMO. Hogs and Kisses mini pig food was professionally developed by an animal nutritionist to ensure optimum mini pig health. Jones Feed Mill right here in Ontario produces our food and ensures the highest quality possible.

Veterinarian and Mini Pig Approved!

Our food has been developed for mini pig LONGEVITY and HEALTH. It's the opposite of commercial pigs whose food is meant to fatten them up and speed up their growth.  Our aim is to help mini pet pigs live a long, happy, and healthy life with their human families!

Hogs and Kisses Mini Pig Food Ingredients:

Mixed Grain, Wheat, Flaxmeal, Corn, Soymeal, Alfalfa, Diatomaceous Earth, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, 

Vitamin Mineral Premix


$75.00 per 30 llbs

Price includes shipping anywhere in Canada

Hogs and Kisses Mini Pet Pig Food