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Mini Pig Parents

Our Mini Pig parents have been carefully chosen for our breeding program. We strive for sweet personalities, good confirmation, and overall good health.

The Mamas

The Papas


Oh Pheobe, you are quite the girl! Pheobe has lived with us in the house since she was 6 weeks old! She's travelled to Retirement Homes and has taken part in many of our Animal Therapy Sessions! She's a very loving and fun girl! She will likely grow to the 15" mark.


Penelope is a very agile and athletic girl! Her body type is fine and sleek, reminiscent of the Juliana! She is spotted with a longer snout. She loves adventure and is very curious! Penelope is also a mature young lady and stands about 15 " at the shoulder.


A very handsome boy indeed! Tigger came from a highly respected breeder and has amazing bloodlines. He has a short snout, compact body and is spotted with beautiful hints of red with amber eyes. We girls would die for his red highlights! Tigger still has a bit of growing to do and is expected to finish about 14.5".

T Bear

He is such a "Teddy Bear" and a "snuggle bum"! He is a beautiful true Auburn/Chocolate colour with a short snout and compact body. T Bear came from a highly respected breeder and friend! We are so lucky to have him and love him dearly! He remains to be quite small and should grow to be around the 14" mark.