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Welcome to Our Store

Hogs and Kisses proudly offers their own Specially Formulated Mini Pig Food.

A Complete and balanced diet specific to mini pig nutritional needs  

Custom made for both good health, longevity, and disposition

You Are What You Eat!

All ingredients are NATURAL and NON-GMO. Hogs and Kisses piggy food was professionally developed by an animal nutritionist to ensure optimum mini pig health. Jones Feed Mill right here in Ontario produces our food and ensures the highest quality possible.

Veterinarian and Piggy Approved!

Why should your pet piggy eat Hogs and Kisses Mini Pig Food?

Our food has been developed for mini pig LONGEVITY and HEALTH. It's the opposite of commercial pigs whose food is meant to speed up their growth quickly and who unfortunately are not given the chance to reach old age. Our aim is to help mini pet pigs live a long, happy, and healthy life with their human families!


Hogs and Kisses Mini Pig Pellets

This feed contains added selenium at a level of 0.3 mg/kg


Crude Protein (min)


Crude Fat (min)


Crude Fibre (max)


Calcium (act)


Phosophorous (act)


Sodium (act)


Copper (act)

16 mg/kg

Zinc (act)

126 mg/kg

Vitamin A (min)

5500 IU/KG

Vitamin D (min)

1300 IU/KG

Vitamin E (min)

24 IU/KG

A list of ingredients used in this feed may be obtained from the manufacturer or registrant


Feed as the sole ration to mini pigs for health maintenance 


  1. Do not use in association with another grain ration, supplement or premix containing added selenium.
  2. Directions for us must be carefully followed.

Manufactured by: Jones Feed Mills Ltd. Heidelberg ON, 519-698-2082

Hogs and Kisses Food Ingredients:

Mixed Grain, Wheat, Flaxmeal, Corn, Soymeal, Diatomaceous Earth, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Vitamin Mineral Premix

Why these food ingredients?

Mixed grains, wheat, flaxmeal, corn and soymeal provide enriched amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats essential

for piggy health.


  • Also provides essential amino-acids in pigs, as these cannot be formed in the body from other compounds
  • Provides a good source of linoleic acid, which is essential for an animal's metabolic processes
  • Helps maintain soft, nourished skin

Diatomaceous Earth

A natural alternative to DE-WORMING to prevent you from having to de-worm your pet piggies with poison

  • All-natural internal parasite control
  • Reduces odours, prevents pest breeding in the home and around the home, a natural insecticide
  • Strengthens microbial populations and suppresses harmful bacterial growth and so much more!

Dicalcium Phosphate

Why is calcium and phosphorus important?

  • For skeletal structure and soft tissue development
  • Both aid in blood clotting, muscle contraction and energy metabolism
  • If deficient can cause reduced bone strength, poor growth and possible arthritis

Trace Salt

  • Naturally possesses a full array of trace minerals essential for proper growth and development
  • Regulates body fluids, aids in milk production and proper digestion

Mineral Premix

  • Ensures proper levels of vitamins and minerals specific to pigs
  • Improves birth weights
  • Establishes healthier litters

Why added Selenium?

House pigs may not have as much access to rooting around outdoors in the dirt. Dirt has minerals and selenium that pigs require, thus we have added some to our food just in case your piggy doesn't like getting dirty!

Why is Hogs and Kisses food pelletized?

When the food is made, all of the ingredients are ground up together. This is important because although pigs will literally eat anything, some may choose not to eat some of the nutrient rich ingredients.

Another important reason is that ingredients such as corn, peas and sunflower are usually not chewed well and swallowed almost whole. They end up not digested and coming out the other end in the same shape that they went in! Causing non-absorption of the rich nutrients that they are intended to provide.

What about piggy weight?

We have had an interesting experience at Hogs and Kisses. Some of our mini pigs have to be kept in an enclosed indoor/outdoor space, such as some of the mommy and daddy pigs. These pigs maintain a healthy weight—neither too skinny nor too heavy.

Some of our pigs get to wander around freely and tend to eat a lot of grass and other things they can find. They end up getting a little on the chunky side! Whenever we put those pigs back in the fenced in area and back to eating Hogs and Kisses food, their weight comes back down to a healthy level again.

Proof that Hogs and Kisses Mini Pig Food on its own can ensure a happy, healthy and well nutritionally balanced mini pet pig!

Piggy Boarding Cottages

We are happy to board your piggy while you go on vacation or have to travel! The farm can be a fun home away from home for your Pet Pig!

The Cottages

We offer your piggy private accommodations. This includes an indoor and outdoor area. The boarding cottages are very close to our pigs and other animals, making sure that your piggy will never feel alone.

For breakfast and dinner each day, we feed your piggy our own Hogs and Kisses Pet Pig Food, which all pigs fully enjoy! Fresh water is available at all times. Please let us know if your piggy has any special dietary needs. We have many people living, working and visiting the farm, so your little friend will always receive as much attention as he or she would like!

Piggy Cottage Rates:

Our rate is $30 per piggy, per night. Drop off and pick up times are flexible.

Note: The $30 per night rate includes taxes!

Piggy Boarding

Hogs and Kisses Custom Made Mini Pig Harness and Leash

This harness was designed by Hogs and Kisses with piggy body shape in mind. They are easy to put on and have only one clip to do up. The harness is made out of heavy-duty webbing and leather. We use a simple figure-eight design where the webbing crosses through a custom made leather patch. You can also choose your own style of patch for your piggy....... Piggy, Bow Tie, Butterfly, Flower and much more. All harnesses are handmade, hand-stitched, comfortable, strong, and adjustable. We can custom make your harness to any size! There are many beautiful patterns available. 

Pre-made Sizes:

Small:  Up to 20 " - $27.00

Medium:  20" to 40" - $42.00

Large: 40" to 60" - $52.00

Please email us if your piggy needs a custom size!

Taxes and Shipping included anywhere in Canada


Custom Woodburned Animal/Pet Portraits

Send us your favourite photo of your pet and we will turn it into a Woodburned piece of art! 

 All Portraits burned by hand with Love!

Please contact us for more details. 

Prices vary depending on size.


[email protected]