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- Hank -

Thanks a million, to Suzanne at Hogs and Kisses for allowing me to adopt my best friend.

It has always been a childhood dream of mine to own a mini pig as a pet. I looked at pictures of the cute little pink pigs that were so small and of course I believed that they would look like that forever. As I did some research, I quickly learned that tea cup and micro mini pigs were NOT a thing. One day I decided to go for it and fill out an application to adopt. Suzanne reached out to me right away and said that there was a piggy expecting and that I could adopt one!

This began our process and our journey with Hogs and Kisses Mini Pigs. Suzanne was so supportive and so patient with me as I asked SO many questions. Suzanne is very knowledgeable on the mini pig breed and could answer all of my questions. When I asked to come for a visit before our little piglet was even born, she was very supportive and welcomed us with warmth. She showed us all around the farm where the piggies had the run of the property and we got to meet each one of the animals in the community barn. It was such a neat experience to learn and see first hand how these animals interacted and moved around.

Our little Hank came home with us at the beginning of July. He has been nothing but spoiled since! He has such a relaxed, easy and calm temperament. He likes his routines and simple life but he does however go with the flow when things get mixed up. Hank is so curious and adventurous; we go visit Grammy and Grampy on the weekends where he steals all of the toys from the chihuahua’s and sometimes even from his human cousins.

He loves his outdoor time where he runs, swims and snacks on so much grass. The sound of the fridge opening quickly became a sound that he runs to and he will eat everything he possibly can get into. Hank is a very snuggly and super warm, he loves his Friday night movie nights when he gets his mom and dad all to himself and sometimes even his own bowl of popcorn straight from the movie theatre.

Not to worry, we work off that popcorn whether it’s with the zoomies (running) outside or by doing floor stretches in the basement. Hank loves when I do stretches before or after my run, he is always right there to do the stretch with me or to get in the way of the next move ;)

He knows when it’s been a bad day at work and he is right there to lay on my chest when I need to feel calm. Often, we will snuggle on the couch at this time and he will listen as I vent to him about the day. Once all of that is released from my chest it’s time for some quality outdoors time together.

Hank loves to show off his artistic abilities as he decorates paper to make family members their own one-of-a-kind birthday cards, this is where we get so messy that it’s time to climb into the bathtub. Hog-wash Wednesdays are what we call it in our house. We are working on getting Hank used to the bathtub but so far, he is not a fan… he prefers the shower… while his humans are in it! Hank will jump in through the shower curtain and spin around while the water splashes over him. This is where we get him with his baby shampoo.

We’ve been working really hard on his harness training and getting him to sit on command. Hank is doing great and catching on so quickly! He really is as smart as they say pigs are!! It’s been a passion of mine to teach children and I do that as my day job; but if someone was to tell me come evening time, that I would enjoy teaching my piglet just as much, I would have thought they were crazy! To end our extremely busy days we usually curl up in bed and watch Netflix before turning off the lights. Hank will curl up right under to covers with his snout out so that he can see the screen. When the lights go out though he gets right under the covers and snores softly for the rest of the night.

This is only the beginning and Hank has only been with us for 2 months but I promise you it’s been the best 2 months learning and growing right alongside him! I would not change anything about our journey and experience. I would strongly recommend Suzanne and Hogs and Kisses for ANY of my little piglets. She truly knows what’s best and loves all of her animals and clients.